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For over 25 years our top of the line simulated-fire and non-simulated-fire display guns have been proudly used by military vehicle collectors, professional reenactors, prestigious museums, and the film industry. All of our guns are manufactured to 100% scale, with nearly the exact weight and feel of its firing original. Simulated-fire guns come fully assembled, test-fired, and ready to drop the florescent bulbs out of your shop's light fixtures. With the exception of wooden grips and brass sights, all of our parts are machined from steel and laser cut to precise detail. All parts are manufactured in-house. Our barrels are turned on a hydraulic tracer lathe to reproduce that familiar Browning look. Each piece is media blasted and parkerized, just like the real thing. Absolutely no parts of our guns are painted. We do not use sheet metal, aluminum, or resin. If you are looking for the absolute best in replica machine guns today, look no further. There is no substitute for a Hoosier Hot-Shot. 

.30 cal. 1917 Water Cooled simulated-fire NOW AVAILABLE

We are very pleased to announce that our .50 CAL. M2HB is now "stationed" on the most decorated battleship in American history, the USS New Jersey! Click here for more pictures!

Below is our .50 CAL. M2HB atop the most kick-ass Hyundai you'll ever see. It was designed in conjunction with AMC's The Walking Dead.


For additional information or to order, call 260-307-6001 or email us at hotshotm2@gmail.com

Please note that availability varies.